Whispers In The Night

Whispers in the Night transports you into a memory where you and 8-year old Lucy share an emotionally connected moment through a conversation.

It is part of a collection of interwoven chapters. Audiences will discover and grow alongside Lucy as she shares her deepest thoughts and imaginations, completely unique to their personal exchange.

What will you share?

What will Lucy remember?


Wolves In The Walls started us on something we talk about as The Lucy Project: creating a character that's interactive and believable.

Lucy can hand you objects and be handed objects, collaborate to move through the story, remember what you’ve done and fallback to it, be believably interrupted and has a hierarchy of emotional attachments to her objects,

Lucy and interactive characters is the future for AR/VR storytelling at Fable. We re so excited to share how we built Lucy.



What is a virtual being ?
A virtual being is a character that you know isn’t real but with whom you can build a 2-way emotional relationship.

What are examples of virtual beings?
Virtual beings range from digital influencers like Lil Miquela to artificially intelligent agents like Mica from Magic Leap.

Is a virtual being only viewable in VR?
No. A virtual being’s life can be experienced through Instagram, augmented reality headsets, your iPad or iPhone, chat, Alexa, virtual reality glasses and more. Just like us virtual beings exist across many different media.

Can I talk to a virtual being?
Some virtual beings can have a conversation with you - but they aren’t there to satisfy the curiosity of a Turing test-er. Virtual beings have their own lives and stories. They’re on their own journey and they welcome you to be a part of it.

What is the role of artificial intelligence in virtual beings’ lives?
The rise of Machine learning since Geoffrey Hinton’s team’s Imagenet victory in 2012 has, for the first time given humans a new tool to bring characters to life. But machine learning and AI alone aren’t enough. We need artists working alongside engineers. The virtual beings of the future might one day be the UI for our next Operating Systems; and if the next operating system is a character then it will be a work of art as much as a feat of engineering.