A primary goal for Fable is to create and nurture characters with style and approachability.

Appealing characters with genuine dimension can change a series of events into stories we relate to. By producing as much as we can directly in VR, we keep the stories and experiences we develop close to the original hand of the artists and imbue our characters with originality.

Our creator-driven teams remain nimble enough to take necessary risks and explore more than we could in a traditional pipeline.

Our techniques are only the beginning of Made In VR. We hope to encourage it into an ethos that connects artists working with passion and ingenuity to expand the unlimited potential of our shared industry.

Take a peek at some of our projects in Development...

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An artist with creative block loses an idea, a muse endeavors to return it.



TEN is an illustrative real-time documentary using Quill to explore a real life story.